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Smith Vortex Flash Hider .223/5.56mm - AR-15/M-16 Rifles

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Smith Vortex Flash Hider .223/5.56mm - AR-15/M-16 Rifles

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Four specially angled flutes dissipate the gas but contain the unburned powder allowing increased residual burn for less visible flash. It incorporates a helix design essentially tightening itself when the weapon is fired and helps align exiting barrel gas to improve accuracy with all bullet types.

The world’s best flash suppressor now available for use with SEI Direct Connect (DC) Sound Suppressor.  Based on the combat-proven Vortex® 5.56mm G6A1 system, the definitive development of the patented Vortex®design now features a 40% increase in structural rigidity. The new G6A2 model features our patented 15-degree helix, guaranteeing a complete propellant burn and negligible flash, unlike the standard issue closed-end “bird cage” unit or competing straight-flute designs. Right hand helical flutes will not loosen under sustained fire. The flute configuration is 40% stronger due to greater mass. The aligning of exiting gases helps to improve overall accuracy.

The Vortex is machined from 8620 bar stock steel, then case-hardened to provide a tough core and hard surface for maximum strength, black-parkerized finish. 21⁄4″ long, .861″ diameter. It is Sound Suppressor capable. It is not a timed item, when it is tightened that’s where it is. The Vortex does not required the use of a lock washer.The Vortex conceals the flash essentially 99.999% - even on full auto.

The Vortex carries a conditional lifetime guarantee. It is in service with many Law Enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. The Vortex has been used in combat by the U.S. Military.

The G6A2 also serves as a quick-connecting interface for our new M4DC CQB Sound and Flash Suppressor.  SEI suppressors are only available to USG/LE and FMS customers via direct factory sales. The highest degree of flash suppression is gained using M-193, SS-109 (M855), and MK 262 service ammunition. Also, our new Blank Fire Adaptor (BFA) is a quantum improvement over the current issue item. With a powder-coated billet steel body and a stainless steel center shaft, the BFA has a service life well beyond that of the standard GI issue type. A grenade pin is attached through the center shaft to help prevent loss in the field. Also, the SEI 5.56mm BFA is designed to be used on all Vortex® M-4, M-16-series and the M-249 series weapons, thus allowing consumers to maintain only one standard type BFA at the unit level.

P/N 1001V - For the M4/M16/AR15 Family
SPECS: 8620 steel, RC 35-38, black parkerized per MIL SPEC.  ½ X 28 TPI, 2 ¼” (5.7mm) long, .859 to .860” (21mm) diameter, 2.9 oz (82 grams) weight.
P/N 1001V G6A2 Vortex® 5.56mm NATO Flash Eliminator (Sound Suppressor Capable)    
P/N 1015 Vortex BFA, 5.56mm NATO * 

NOTE: *Suitable for use on M4 Carbine, M16-series rifles and M249-series SAW.
(Information current as of 25 Sep 2009)

The Vortex can be permanently attached to the new 14.5″ M-4 barrels the result is a barrel with an over-all length of 16.1″.

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**NOTE**This product is prohibited in certain states.  It is the customer's responsibility to check local/state laws and/or restrictions to confirm if this item is permitted in your area.

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