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Order processing:

We process all of the orders daily with the exception of Sundays and Holidays. None of the shipping services are operating on those days therefore we do not process orders on those days. Orders are processed in the morning of each day and we are in Arizona therefore our time zone can be Mountain in the winter months and Pacific in the summer months. Typically we will process orders up to 12:00pm. So, it is possible that an order can be processed the same day the order is placed as long as it falls within our processing time. You will receive an email notification with your tracking information once a shipping label is created and the tracking information is submitted in our system. If you track it prior to the carrier picking it up and scanning it in at their facility, you will not get a location yet as to where the package is. It has to arrive at the respective carriers facility and be scanned.
If an order is placed on Saturday after our processing is completed, that order will then be processed on Monday morning.

We offer three shipping carriers: USPS, FedEx, & UPS. You will see a flat rate shipping option as well, which we decide which service is most economical and also the quickest depending on day of order and what the product may be.

If you happen to be placing an order on a Friday, here are some things to consider:

UPS and FedEx do not have normal operations on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, the shipping time starts on the following Monday, which is the first business day after the weekend. So, if you choose 2 Day shipping on FedEx or UPS, those two days are from the Monday after the weekend. Same for all the other services offered by them.

USPS does have operations on Saturdays which improves the transit time. From what we have seen, USPS Priority is a more economical and expedited method for orders placed on Friday or Saturday.

Tracking Your order:

You will receive a shipment notification once we create a shipping label for your order. If you have not received an email with the shipment notification, be sure to check your spam folder first. If you still don't find anything, you can call us or email us at:

[email protected].

As discussed above, the tracking for that shipment will not show anything until the carrier receives and scans that package at their first facility. After that scan you will be able to see the progress when tracking the shipment. Once that package is in the carrier's possession, it is in their control. We have no control of their operations or performance. We can help contact the carrier if you are having a problem, but often there are issues with the carrier in the city and state that the shipment is going to. We have seen that it may help if the customer contacts the carrier and speaks to the local branch or office.

Delivery Address:

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the shipping address is correct and that you are accepting responsibility for that package once it is delivered. If you are selecting a service and carrier that you know is going to drop the package without a signature and without someone being home, you are accepting responsibility for that package after the carrier delivers it. If your shipment will be left at your front door, and it could possibly get stolen, then we suggest that you request a signature required.

Apartment Complexes:

If you live in an apartment complex, you will need to make sure that your shipment will fit in your mailbox, or make arrangements with the office to receive your package. We have seen several lost packages involved with apartment address shipments. Sometimes envelopes can find the incorrect mailbox and not everyone is kind enough to ensure it gets to the correct person. If you purchase something that comes in a large box that obviously won't fit in your mailbox, you need to plan for this.

PO Boxes:

USPS is the only carrier who will ship to PO Boxes. UPS and FedEx will ship to UPS Stores and FedEx Office Business Centers.

Billing Address/Shipping Address:

We currently require that your billing address and shipping address be the same address. The reason for this is to protect us and you against fraud. Identity theft allows criminals to place orders with a different shipping address in an attempt to steal the product. Due to the increase in these attempts, we have decided to only allow the same address for billing and shipping. If you need us to make an exception, you will need to contact us and to ensure the identity and validity of the order, we may need a copy of the credit card and photo id to ensure your identity. Further, we will need to contact the credit card company so they can contact you to validate the purchase and provide us an authorization code.

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I was on your website last night and ordered two or three items. I noticed the number of pictures for the items on sale has increased significantly. They look great and really add to the presentation of all your parts/components for sale. Great job and keep up the good work. You're an outstanding staff and the best customer service. — Semper Fidelis, Rod

Thanks for the fast shipping! I ordered June 14 and had it in the noon mail on June 17. You also sent me several emails notifying me of the order and that it had shipped. I appreciate that initial contact. — Robert

Thank you very much. I will be doing business with you many times in the future. Excellent customer service. – D. Anderson